Malia Indigo Admin
2017-10-05 15:32:18

Kristie Jean, plus size model based in United States and member of Malia Indigo has been selected as October member.

Want to know more about this beautiful and dedicated model?  Read her interview below.

Interview (Questions/Answers)

Question : Tell us a bit about you. Who is Kristie Jean?

Answer :

I am a small-town girl from South Dakota. I came from a great family and have two sisters, an older and a younger one.  I am a proud mom of two children that are my world and God is first in my life.  Without God by my side I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today.  I have been modeling part-time for roughly 1 year.  I'm particularly interested in Fashion, Jewelry, Hair/Makeup, boudoir and domestic violence advocate/survivor.

I think we have begun the age of plus size models.  I can’t deny this but this has really uplifted me and the mini celebrations I’ve had with close family and friends. I am so humble to have been picked the October member of the month because there are all sorts of great women on, different ages, backgrounds and beautiful models, but Malia Indigo gave me this opportunity and to be fortunate enough to be part of the #plusvisibility campaign with so many other beautiful people.

In my career, I started off wanting to share my story through pictures and video to help other women that are in a relationship where there is domestic violence in the home.  I am still in the process of producing this with a professional photographer and special friend, Jim Stainer.  This piece is near and dear to my heart. I would love to be able to help others out of this terrible situation that they have been put into and let them know they are worth so much more.  I have also won on Midwest Model of the Week magazine for best smile out of hundreds of others that enter every week.                                                              

I started off my career with a professional photographer who has become a great friend in my life and believed in me every step of the way.  He is why I am here today.  I’m an advocate/survivor of domestic violence and would love to express my views on the runway and really get my dream of clothing line out there and speak about the issues and things you go through to get to this level.  With my goal of having my own clothing line I could connect with young designers for curvy women and to promote messages that it’s ok to be plus size and to be proud of it.  Once my clothing line is lifted off I am going to donate a percentage of my earnings to a foundation of my choice for domestic violence.  I would be vocal about these issues and views that people see models of all sizes as beautiful people too.  Follow me to learn more about me on Facebook at Model Kristie Jean and on Instagram @model.kristie.jean.

Question : What motivated you to become model?

Answer : I needed to get myself out of the rut that I was in from being in a 10-year abusive marriage with a narcissist. My self-confidence was so low that I had hit rock bottom. If it weren’t for God, my family and friends, I wouldn’t be here today. They were all so supportive in helping me get better and getting me the right treatment. I have grown so much from that day that nearly ended my life and I want to prove to the coward that disrespected me so much and said that I was worthless that I AM somebody, I AM beautiful and I AM worth being here on earth and he only made me to be a stronger woman than ever before. I've been through a lot and not one second did I ever think that someone would give me the encouragement, self-confidence and empowerment to being a model after my self-confidence was the lowest of lows. I will thank one man in particular, Jim Strainer, Professional Photographer and dear friend who took me under his wings and believed in me and gave me a chance.

Question : What are your achievements as a plus-size model?

Answer : As a, plus-size model, I have grown as a woman and gained my self-confidence back. There was one particular shoot that I did with professional photographer, Jim Stainer, that showed me shine at my best, the boudoir shoot. I gained so much from that shoot going completely out of my comfort zone to grow myself. It was one of my favorite shoots to this day.

Question : What are your goals in the near future?

Answer : My goals in the near future is to have my own brand of clothing line for plus size women. Goal #2 is to be able to tell my story and help women that are in abusive relationships that there is a way out and a brighter side to life. I want to finish my project with Jim Stainer on telling my story through photos and video. Goal #3 is to be recognized as a beautiful and ambitious model full of encouragement to other women and grow my following. Show the world what I have blossomed into on the runway.

Question : What are your impressions about Malia Indigo Corporation? And what made you join the platform?

Answer : I must say that the Malia Indigo Corporation has given me a great platform to present myself and my portfolio for the world to see. I am all about supporting the plus-sized women out there because we do matter and we are all beautiful people no matter the size or age. Malia has been a great networking source, professionals in the plus-size industry, campaigns, publication on some of the top fashion magazines, special offers, the diversity of women being united and so much more.