Malia Indigo Admin
2017-05-16 09:41:33

Jasmine Swartz with her brand HONEYSUCK is a fashion designer dedicated to people with curves.

She joined Malia Indigo platform few months ago and made a difference with the quality of her creations.

Because of the above-mentioned  reasons, she was selected as the very first MEMBER OF THE MONTH on Malia Indigo.

Read this short interview to know more about her activities and products.

Interview (Questions/Answers)

Question : Tell us a bit about your brand ( name, products, targeted market, distribution)

Answer :

Honeysuckle Atelier is a size-inclusive brand that offers fully customize-able vintage & contemporary styles, as well as small accessories and body care items. Honeysuckle aims to provide stylish and comfortable clothing while also offering a superior custom fit for women of all ages. My main clientele love the selection of ready-to-wear garments that are easy to swap fabric choices and tweak necklines or sleeve lengths to fit their personal style. However, Honeysuckle Atelier does take on custom orders for special occasions like Prom, Weddings, Couture, & even Lingerie. All products are handmade with care and dedication in order to give every client their own Couturier experience.

Question : What are your daily challenges as a Plus Size designer?

Answer : As a designer that primarily deals with plus sized clients, many of the pain points I face are fit. Because of anatomy, plus size women come in a variety of shapes, this makes giving every customer a unique fit a little more time inclusive. I consider myself to be pear-shaped, so I require a completely different fit than someone who is apple-shaped, so I wind up having multiple patterns for the same style. Although this causes a lot of extra work, compared to a company that uses a traditional-fit model, I think going the extra mile has paid off for Honeysuckle.

Question : What motivated you to join Malia Indigo?

Answer : I decided to join Malia Indigo a short time after connecting on Instagram. I saw other familiar faces in my network being featured and communicating with others in the industry and I knew I wanted to be a part of something bigger, like Malia Indigo. View here profile here https://maliaindigo.com/stylist_profile/jasmine-swartz-169.html