2017-11-25 21:03:41
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The Plus-size Community has a Plethora of Bloggers Sharing Their Voices, so Why Should You Entertain Another One?

Three years ago one of my coworkers suggested sharing my fashion style through blogging, but when I began to write, my words were geared more toward self-esteem and acceptance rather than clothes. It is my desire to become a personal stylist one day, but for right now – I want to encourage and inspire readers to love themselves more through the words that I write.

I am a strong believer in sharing my personal experiences to help others. The fact that I overcame my struggles with self-acceptance means others can too. When I was much younger I battled with low self-esteem. I bought into society’s definition of beauty and I didn’t believe I fit the bill. As a teenager, it seemed as if fair skin and a small body frame were the keys to social acceptance and admiration. And because of it, I secretly wished I looked differently. I wanted to be viewed as beautiful by everyone who saw me. Now I know better. Today I realize the importance of accepting myself as I am.

Entertaining the Stylish Buxom Beauty means receiving encouragement, enlightenment and love in hopes to become better people one day at a time. As cruel as it may sound, everyone is not going to accept you, celebrate you, love you, or even like you. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot like, love, celebrate, and accept yourself. I want to steer people toward being themselves wholly and unapologetically. The truth of the matter is there is nothing gained form social acceptance when one hasn’t accepted self. Someone can tell me I am beautiful daily, but until I see it and believe it for myself the words won’t matter.

So, I invite you take this journey to self-acceptance with the Stylish Buxom Beauty.