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Plus-size! This term is constantly thrown around in the fashion industry and it is often accompanied by an assumption that it applies to anyone who cannot fit “off the runway” clothing.

Many would argue that this is quite an outdated categorization, especially because plus-size models are dominating more and more catwalks in North America and Europe. In current fashion discourse, the term, “plus size” has evolved and transcends beyond the most conforming of definitions.

So, what makes you plus-size?

In the context of the current fashion industry, a plus-size model is characterized as an individual who is size eight or higher. While this size resembles an industry standard, many fashion organizations and agencies are less likely to hire even a size six model, who, by rejection, is a plus-sized model; size 0, 2, and 4 are most favourable. Consequently, any size that falls outside of that spectrum can retain the plus-size title. Despite this statistic, it is important to note that outside of the fashion industry, plus-size encompasses size 14 onward. The terminology While “plus size” is the most common way to identify models who do not meet the size zero status quo, the fashion industry has tried a more inclusive approach. Specifically, plus-size models are often referred to as “curvy” or “curvaceous” models to remove the negative stigma from the term. This change suggests two things:

1) That the industry acknowledges the inconsistency between the runway and real life and;

2) That the industry can be progressive and fluid.

By expanding the term and broadening the spectrum for plus-size models, a more relatable form of beauty emerges. Without discrediting the progress the fashion industry has made, there is still room for improvement. The more the public celebrates the beauty of plus-size models and recognizes that they deserve to be celebrated on catwalks, the more comfortable young people will feel shopping from the curvy rack in luxury boutiques.

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By Malia Indigo Corporation - Education team 

Credit photos: - Julia Pajani - Julie Pinto - Stephanie Maryniak - Malia Indigo